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ViVi 2014.06 | おしゃれ Hair Arrange 20~21/100 

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ViVi 2014.06 | おしゃれ Hair Arrange 88~91/100 | Tutorials: 1 2

KERA 2014.06

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Zipper 2014.06

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The purpose of this event is to film clips of local fans of Japanese fashion which will air on a segment of Kawaii International this August!

Kawaii International is TV program (affiliated with NHK broadcast group) from Tokyo that focuses on recent trends in Jfashion. Check out some of their past episodes below!

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This event is open to everyone~

Join us for a day of: • Outfit filming (the theme of the day is… contrast/foils) • DIY of past projects (missed a previous DIY? Here’s your chance to un-miss it) • Discussions led by the execs (we’ve got magazines, blog posts, fashion in anime + jpop) • Possibly a photo shoot and dessert waffles outing afterwards

Elaboration on the contrast/foil theme: bring a friend with an outfit that contrasts your own! Examples: vintage vs. futuristic, bright vs. dark, soft and fluffy vs. metal and hardcore, etc. If you don’t have someone with a contrasting outfit that’s totally cool too! There is probably someone else in the group whose outfit will contrast and complement yours!


While we are guaranteeing to film all participants, we do not guarantee that everyone will be seen on the show, or make the cut. This is entirely up to the producers who will be editing the footage after it is sent to them.

We ask that any pictures or videos taken at this event do not get posted online until AFTER the episode has been aired.

Everyone must be dressed according to the guidelines.

You must provide your own transportation.

You must agree to be filmed.

Failure to follow these rules will result in you being removed from the end segment completely.

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